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short film/music video

Short-film disguised as a music video made in a collaboration with an ambitious and mysterious band "BOKKA". A moving tale of a father (played by critically acclaimed actor Piotr Głowacki) who tries to save his blind daughter from the bitter truth of the world coming to an end. Won Grand Prix and "Best Alternative" Awards at PL MVA 2022 and "Best Music Video" at OnArt Festival. Selected for Silver Screenings at Berlin Music Video Awards 2022.



fashion film

Mesmerising companion piece to a VOGUE Portugal photoshoot that takes a unique spin on superstitions & lucky charms. Whilist keeping a simple form, this sensual visual video expands the concept of modern bruxa with vibrant colors, witchhouse music and enchanting sound design.

Plakat - W Centrum Komiksu LQ.jpg

documentary feature film

A humorous chronicle of the comic book culture in Poland shown through the prism of the iconic store that brings together the whole spectrum of graphic novel enthusiasts. Nominated for "Best Polish Film Award" at Millennium Docs Against Gravity 2021 and Shortlisted for Orły 2022 Awards.


Distribution: CANAL+ Polska S.A., TVP.


music video

The fiery return of Kasia Lins with a guest appearance by Szczyl. A Bonnie and Clyde-esque love story filled with spectacular action sequences, stunts and explosions in slow-motion. An unusal combination of artistic pop with the right amount of camp.



music video

Artistic rendition of a Hollywood love story. Combining the star power of one of the biggest pop artists with the sensibility of an art house film. The most intimate Julia has ever been. Nominated for "Best POP" Music Video at PL MVA 2022.


Zrzut ekranu 2021-07-25 001721.png

narrative musical performance

Intense 42' live experience, a surreal show that combines theatre and a musical, pushing the artists to go beyond their previously known framework. Each song is a separate scene, an independent tale that makes up a complete story.



music video

Electric one-man show starring critically acclaimed actor Tomasz Kot. An ode to Spike Jonze and the power of daydreaming fueled by catchy guitar riffs, killer dance moves and sharp visuals. Nominated "Best Music Video" at Portland Film Festival presented by Comcast. Selected for Silver Screenings at Berlin Music Video Awards 2022.




Zrzut ekranu 2022-12-12 184444.png

DZIEJE.PL - Maciej Aleksander Bierut z Grand Prix festiwalu polskich teledysków

Papaya Rocks - Interview

PAPAYA.ROCKS - Tańczący Tomasz Kot w teledysku duetu Martin Lange. Rozmawiamy z reżyserem klipu, Maciejem Bierutem

FILMWEB - 15 Najpopularniejszych filmów MDAG

FILMWEB - MDAG: 15 najpopularniejszych filmów do obejrzenia online - "W Centrum Komiksu" na miejscu #7

Zrzut ekranu 2022-02-22 165632.png

PAPAYA.ROCKS - Krwistoczerwony koniec świata. Piotr Głowacki wystąpił w nowym teledysku zespołu BOKKA

Zrzut ekranu 2022-06-16 234024.png

CGM - Julia Wieniawa z nowym singlem i pięknym, filmowym teledyskiem.


IGN POLSKA - Zwiastun filmu dokumentalnego "W Centrum Komiksu"


ELLE - Kasia Lins: "Popularność to dziś najwyższa waluta. Chciałabym, żeby była efektem ubocznym mojej pracy, a nie głównym celem" [wywiad ELLE]

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